Actor Josh Duhamel takes us around the world.

An actor who’s appeared in TV shows and movies as varied as the Transformers franchise, the daytime soap All My Children, crime drama Battle Creek and the sweet teen comedy Love, Simon, Josh Duhamel is one of those versatile talents who’s at home almost everywhere. Recently appointed brand ambassador for Canadian lifestyle and athleisure brand Lolë, the outdoor enthusiast (and almost Canadian) has also backed Lolë as equity investor and part owner.

The partnership coincides with the launch of Lolë’s new travel-wear line for men across North America. “Lolë takes an ‘everyday basic’ and gives it a cutting-edge style that allows you to go from a meeting to a spontaneous hike in the woods, or whatever it is that you’re into,” Duhamel said at the launch.

The connection to fashion is not far fetched—Duhamel started out as a model and in 1997 won the title of Male Model of the Year. (A few years ago he confessed to Harper’s Bazaar: “I was really unsuccessful at it. I never felt comfortable posing in front of a camera…. [But] I so wanted to win. I felt like Miss America when I won that thing.”) These days Duhamel has traded in the runway for outdoor adventure and time at his off-the-grid cabin in Minnesota.

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