Works of architectural art and cultural expression, these aesthetically pleasing train terminals will make lasting first impressions on arriving passengers - every trip must begin and end somewhere.

Flying might be faster, but train travelling is a time-tested transporting method evoking old-world charm when it comes to nomadic adventuring. Train travel is one of the oldest forms of transportation and was once viewed as the innovative, glamorous and intriguing way of getting to where you needed to be. 

Railway stations have been operating as functional buildings since the 19th century however, they double as architectural masterpieces resembling concert halls, cathedrals, museums, temples and palaces. Historical feats of engineering and design, most having withstood the general wear and tear of time, wars and urban development. A commendable nod to craftsmanship mastery of eras long gone, each structure uniquely showcases civic diversity and highlights the intrinsic style of a destination.

Get swept away and side‘track’ed with the following 6 majestic train stations known as the planet’s most impressive terminals with historical backgrounds dating back 100+ years – most still servicing passengers to this day. 

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