You're going to want to have a few of these on hand.

Remember when the COVID-19 crisis first hit? Well, how could we forget scrambling our way through spring – it was like mission impossible to find face masks, specific germ-busting cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer. 

If it was our lucky day and we managed to find hand sanitizer, it may not have had the greatest scent or left our skin feeling anything other than lizard-like. Thankfully, when the beginning of summer hit, multiple companies had jumped on the hand sanitizer-making scene and started massively producing better alternatives.

Health Canada and the World Health Organization promotes regular handwashing with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds to limit the spread and help combat the COVID-19 virus however, this option is not always available to us. Keep in mind, hand sanitizer must contain an alcohol level of at least 60% to be considered effective.

It is so important to choose a sanitizer that works best for you and with you – knowing which brands to trust these days is not easy. Perfect for on-the-go everyday life, these products are also eco-friendly. As crucial as it is to protect ourselves, it is also imperative that we protect our planet

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