Though Amman is known for its history, model and social influencer Moe Bayer says it has great cocktails, too



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Moe Bayer is an influencer and fashion model, who’s appeared in campaigns for Coca Cola and Nivea. Born in Jordan, now he spends much of his time hopping around the globe. But it remains part of his job to keep up on the happenings in Amman. A city of about four million people, the city is safe and cosmopolitan, with a ridiculously rich history: Neolithic settlements dating back to 6500 B.C., and it’s played a role in the Roman, Byzantium and Ottoman empires.

Visitors can see people wearing traditional clothing in the streets, but also get a sense of the city’s cosmopolitan flare in its many theatres and clubs. Surprisingly for a Muslim country, there are liquor stores all over the place. The world famous historic site at Petra is about three hours away by car. Here are Bayer’s picks for the best of Amman, in his own words.

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