From Ottawa to the Azores, these are some locations around the world to see the most beautiful flowers in full bloom.

Spring is just around the corner and a captivating sign of the season is fields of enchanting flowers bringing colour to our lives, making us smile, and cheering up the most somber of moods. Flowers are single handedly one of nature’s greatest artistic creations, both practically and aesthetically speaking. Beauty may be subjective and judged personally in the eye of the beholder however, the stunning visual charm and appeal flowers possess is something we can all universally agree on. 

We live on a planet where there are approximately 400,000 flowering species, whether tame and cultivated or growing wild and free. Fully defining their landscapes, each flower has their own individual importance, purpose and unique beauty. Flowers are the foundational source of food for thriving ecosystems, providing nourishment and sustaining life aside from blowing us away with their beautiful appearances and distinct fragrances. 

There are many places you may expect and others you’ve likely not heard of with dense concentrations of specific and or a variety of blooms creating seas of colours sprawling as far as the eyes can see. And while we might not be able to travel this year to see these beautiful flowers, our editors have picked 7 destinations with world-class flower viewing which simply cannot fail to impress – whimsical blooms and pops of surreal colours urging you to let your imagination run as wildly as the wild blue hydrangeas in the Azores.

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