No need to travel to Norway or Iceland to witness Mother Nature’s celestial light show. We have front row seats to the Aurora Borealis - aka Northern Lights - right here in Canada!

Canada boasts approximately 85% of land covered under the Auroral Oval, a zone known for it’s magnet of activity that circles the North Pole. We experience an onslaught of dazzling Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights – displays due to our northern latitude and low light pollution which creates the perfect atmosphere.

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights – is created when charged particles from the sun collide with the molecules and atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere near magnetic poles. The colour of the Aurora depends on the type of gas in the particles and how high up in the atmosphere the collision takes place. The result is a send off of vibrant purple, green, red and/or yellow wisps into the dark skies, 80 – 640km above the Earth. Canadian Inuit mythology claims the flickering and curtain-like misty flares of light are spirits of deceased ancestors playing ball with a walrus skull.

The best months to nab your chance of viewing the northern lights in Canada are between October to March because there is an extended period of darkness in the days. Also, the Canadian Space Agency recommends checking the weather forecast prior to venturing out to catch a glimpse of Aurora Borealis as to avoid cloudy skies – this will prevent you from experiencing this rare and memorable atmospheric phenomenon.

Canada is a staggering 3.85 million square miles and we’ve combed through provinces from coast to coast for the most popular cities and towns to see the Northern lights.

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