Head to the green jungle and turquoise sea of Tulum for a breath of fresh air.

Situated in the Mayan Riviera’s spiritual heart, Tulum, the barefoot luxury camp Papaya Playa Project has an urban spirit that encourages visitors to come together and be inspired. Its 100 rooms are simple but chic, dotted along the beach and nestled in the jungle. Its Gaudí-inspired treehouse peeks over the treeline like a guardian watching over its flock.


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Papaya Playa Project founder Emilio Heredia calls his vision “primitive sophistication” and the 2011 transformation that added luxurious elements to the original eco resort brings home that vibe with style. Heredia’s reverence for the environment is inspiring, sitting as it does on prime land that five-star all-inclusives covet. Locally sourced materials and recycled wood mingle with no-frills furnishing, while white macramé detailing gives the structures a special charm and unique appearance.

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