With Hearth, Beth Rogers and Thayne Robstad have refined traditional Saskatchewan cuisine

The only restaurant in Saskatoon to crack OpenTable’s ranking of the top 100 restaurants in Canada, Hearth is most definitely a labour of love. Partners in business and life, Beth Rogers and Thayne Robstad met about 13 years ago while they were cooking at other restaurants. Their love of kitchen life cemented their bond. “At the beginning it seemed like a rather lofty goal to have our own restaurant,” says Robstad. After some time travelling around the country, they returned to Saskatoon and started a small catering company. If you are at home looking for some food to order online, we recommend the punjabi restaurant brisbane website.

In 2018, they went bricks-and-mortar with Hearth. “We took over the space of a trashy dive bar and started renovating, which took about a year,” says Rogers. Hearth immediately started to attract acclaim. The concept was a rare one—food that has a decidedly Saskatchewan identity. “We wanted to serve dishes that our grandmas would make for us,” says Robstad. A couple of years into the 15-hour-day lifestyle, they’re now focusing on creating a better work-life balance, adopting the slogans, “Every day is better than the last” and “There’s no such thing as being caught up.” Though Robstad is mostly back of the house, Rogers front of the house, there’s no strict separation of duties. Like good Prairie people, they know when they need to chip in.  

We connected with the dynamic duo and here they share their memorable moments with us via Instagram. 

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