On TV and in the kitchen, chef Christine Cushing investigates everything that goes into the best recipes

Born in Athens, Greece, and based in Toronto, chef Christine Cushing should patent her sense of curiosity. Though three seasons of Confucius Was a Foodie, which has been broadcast in more than 100 countries, Cushing has visited almost a dozen countries, exploring food as a way to break down cultural barriers. “It’s a journey of discovery. I’m really a student,” she tells me. “No matter what you think about a place, until you go there, nothing really stands the test.” The most recent season of Confucious took on a looser structure and approach to “Chinese” food, to allow Cushing to spend more time exploring the locales and the people who play a part in a culinary tradition that goes back 5,000 years. In some ways, the TV screen is where she feels most at home. Her Fearless in the Kitchen show attracted her a major following and she’ll return to the Food Network for an upcoming new cooking competition show. “Even when the camera’s not on me, I’m still cooking all the time. I’m currently on a sourdough baking journey.”

Here, Christine’s most memorable experiences around the world.

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