Transplanted from Queen West to Prince Edward County, chef Alexandra Feswick has much more space to grow

Having made her name at the most urban of haunts, Queen West’s Drake Hotel, chef Alexandra Feswick decided to accept the position of executive chef of the Drake Devonshire Inn, the mothership’s rustic Prince Edward County progeny, back in 2017. A country woman now—or should we say a county woman—Feswick has more of a backyard for her young son Reed, plus her husband Chad Sanders, a carpenter, has space for a shop where he is able to operate his company, Hawkwood Reclaim.  “We hadn’t spent much time in Prince Edward County at all until we moved here. We just took the plunge,” she says. “I definitely miss some things about living in Toronto, but I can’t really imagine moving back to the city now that I live here.” With the recent opening of the Drake Motor Inn nearby, which sends its guest to the Devonshire for meals, there’s a lot more city people for Feswick to feed. With a menu that leans into seafood and local produce, the county has also given her a lot to work with.

We recently caught up with chef Feswick and asked her to share some of her most memorable instagram moments. 

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