St. Martin’s most talked-about culinary star, Chef Bastian Schenk

St. Martin’s most exciting new chef was not born under a blue Caribbean sky.  No, the island’s most talked-about culinary star, Chef Bastian Schenk was born in Belgium and he’ll tell you that he worked his way up the hard way, spending endless hours in kitchens since he was a teenager. 

Today, Bastian and his wife Sabine, own the newly-opened La Villa Hibiscus restaurant at their bed & breakfast, in St. Martin. During Bastian’s early days as an aspiring chef, he worked in a number of renowned restaurant kitchens in both Guadeloupe and France. 

Chef Bastian Schenk

Shiso caviar oyster

Throughout his career he has concentrated on mastering the art of gourmet cooking and is passionate about food. He loves playing with fresh ingredients to create delicious Caribbean and French-inspired dishes, creating recipes that incorporate the flavour and spirit of the island. 

Here, Chef Bastian reveals what drew him to the island, his favourite ingredient and also shares a delish cantaloupe gazpacho soup.

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